• Aug 30, 2014 - Jan 04, 2015

    Museum de Fundatie, Zwolle


    ‘What happens at night, when the lights go out and the telephone no longer rings? When there are no appointments and the deep silence begins?’
    The Dutch sculptor Lotta Blokker (Amsterdam 1980) often pondered over these questions, even as a child, as she lay awake and thought that everyone was asleep but her. Taking these memories as her starting point, she created the series entitled The Hour of the Wolf: nine life-size bronze sculptures that depict the feelings of the sleepless. Museum de Fundatie will display this intimate project, in which Blokker gives expression to her yearning to be able to come close to someone else, from 30 August 2014 to 4 January 2015. In addition to this work, she exhibits various other figurative works in which she has managed to capture the soul of the subject portrayed. Blokker’s sculptures have enormous eloquence. In contrast to her young and delicate appearance, her hands are those of an experienced, established artist. Similar to the French sculptor August Rodin, Blokker also creates expressive sculptures that approach the oeuvre of German artist Käthe Kollwitz in their vulnerable allure. This makes her work powerful and impressive, but also very human and recognizable.

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